Tomintoul Glenlivet 10y with Dan & Goran

Tomintoul Glenlivet 10y. So.. which is it?

It appears to be a Tomintoul, as Tomintoul’s website calls all their whiskies Glenlivet Speyside. The Distillery is the Tomintoul-Glenlivet distillery, but it’s owned by Angus Dundee, while Glenlivet is owned by Pernod.

Glenlivet is a place, tho. Tomintoul & the River Livet (and one would assume its glen) are both in Moray County in northern Scotland, so while mildly confusing for a second if you don’t live there, using the name makes total sense.  Here’s what we thought of the 10y:

Dan – Sweet apple cider/sour apple with raisins
Simon – different. a little mashy but also warm, sweet, apples and corn
Goran – caramel, light berry

Dan – Tart wood with almost medicinal end. Sandal wood?
Simon – perfume, heat, thin, pleasant warmth, applewood, flowers
Goran – light, raisin, milk

Dan – medium, astringent, harsh.
Simon – shorter, simple, pleasant
Goran – medium length, light but sharp burn; more milky notes

Dan -softer floral wood with crisp/tartness of a green apple.
Simon – simple syrup and mash
Goran – splash welcome, less bright + more bottom notes

Dan – 7.9 /10
Simon –  7.4/10
Goran –  7/10

Tomintoul Speyside Glenlivet 10y Single Malt Scotch – 40% 50ml – $76.15 – Speyside

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