The Famous Grouse Smoky Black with Dan

A new Famous Grouse! Well, not quite.

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black is the new branding for The Black Grouse. Which is a little odd since they’re still offering the Black Grouse Alpha Edition – maybe they had extra labels left over.

Speaking of labels, this one tells you exactly what you’re getting – Famous Grouse plus Glenturret. Glenturret is one of several distilleries claiming to be the oldest in Scotland, and a member of a small stable including FG, Highland Park and Macallan. Good company, and good blending material. ¬†Here’s what we thought:

Dan – sweet cherry, smoky wood
Simon – veg, brown sugar, peat, mash

Dan – sweet, oily, no harsh spice on the tongue, kind of bitter end with dark chocolate
Simon – sweet, slick, chest burn, toffee, earth, smoke

Dan – light & dry
Simon – lingering smoke, nice warmth

Dan – all form of spice gone, lightly smoky, like a shirt after a bonfire
Simon – easier drinking, smooth, sweet forward

Dan – 7.5/10
Simon – 7.7/10

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black – 40% 750ml – $34.95 – Scotland

Try it? Yes. But it? Yes.

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