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IMG_2418In case you haven’t noticed, we here at iScotch are pathological completists. There’s something great about whiskey, there’s something more great about scotch, but here we’ve crossed the threshold into a worship of novel tastes and a need to try everything from a brand. We must sound like a marketer’s unicorn.

Behold The Black Grouse Alpha Edition, a perfect storm of new issue, from a brand we’ve tried, at $20.00 off. Can’t beat that!

What makes this different from the other Famous Grouses, or the other Famous Grouse that’s already called The Black Grouse? Well, this is “smokier & richer” version, one that is – get this – “inspired by the mating rituals of the black grouse”.

What does.. how.. how would you… what does that even mean?

I guess we should figure out what the black grouse mating ritual is, before we judge whether this accurate reflects its inspiration. To the Youtubes:

Here’s a black grouse trying to mate with a car:

So… maybe? I don’t know what a deranged bird trying to mate with your car tastes like. Probably like chicken if it takes too long. This didn’t taste like chicken, but here’s what we thought it DID taste like:

Dan – orange
Simon – deep orange
Goran – gold
Ryan – auburn

Dan – fruity, berries, vanilla, smoke, soft
Simon – smoky, brine, earthiness, soft
Goran – apricot, hint of saltwater, floral
Ryan – salty, cherry, icing sugar, orange rind

Dan – begins with smoke & fruit, then pine/cedar
Simon – sweet, round, light smoky, smooth, maple sugar
Goran – smooth texture, very little burn, smoke
Ryan – earthy, light burn on tongue, slightly bitter

Dan – warm, mild, bitter end
Simon – smooth, more maple
Goran – dry, smoke, hay/straw
Ryan – n/a

Dan – smoke, smoother, sweet
Simon – calms what little bitter there was
Goran – soft fruit, little smoke
Ryan – n/a

The Black Grouse Alpha Edition – 40% 750ml – $35.00 – Scotland

Try it? Yes! Buy it? At $20 off, definitely.

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