The English Whisky Co Chapter Ten Sherry Finish with Dan, Goran, Steve, Julia, Brian & Matt

IMG_6991thisoneThe last of the limey bastards, Chapter Ten from The English Whisky Co is their sherry cask bottling. They’ve used Olorosso casks, which we first heard of from an Innis & Gunn offering, but is spelled differently here. In fact, Google asks if you mean Oloroso, a Jerez fortified wine and regular source for whisky casks. Might have to try some, for research.

This will be a short post, as we’ve already covered the material. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – light amber
Simon – orange gold
Goran – dark honey
Steve – amber
Julia – yellow
Brian – quite amber, green
Matt – beer, amber

Dan – gross cherry, bad fermentation
Simon – velvet & fake caramel
Goran – cherry, markers, some salt
Steve – whiteboard markers
Julia – sweet, cotton candy
Brian – very sherry, fortified
Matt – sherry notes, just sherry, rubbing alcohol

Dan – less bad, tastes like a sore throat cherry lozenge
Simon – sticky sweet, maple taffy
Goran – sweet, lots of cherry, massive burn, sharp
Steve – blinding burn, super sweet, no…
Julia – lozenge, medicine
Brian – kind of honey, very sweet, whiskiness to it, hint of sherriness at the beginning
Matt – less taste than expected from the nose, sherry, lots of burn, melon, brown sugar

Dan – super astringent
Simon – long burn
Goran – long, sharpness fades quickly, strawberry
Steve – surprisingly light, evaporates
Julia – it burns
Brian – smooth but not pleasant
Matt – long tail with a burn

Dan – same as neat, more lozenge
Simon – flattens, medicine increased
Goran – recommended, improved but more medicinal
Steve – better, drinkable
Julia – not better but less burn
Brian – n/a
Matt – cuts burn, not much taste, more cardboard

Dan – 2
Simon – 5
Goran – 6 sip only
Steve – 4
Julia – 4
Brian – 5
Matt – 4

The English Whisky Company Chapter 10 Sherry Finish – 46% 200ml – $ – England

Try it? Yes! Buy it? No.

As this is the last of the samples, to summarize I’d say we enjoyed all of the EWC’s whisky offerings, and are looking forward to tasting more mature offerings from this distiller. But given that the pack was $100, 3 provinces away, we can’t recommend buying it at its current price of $33/200ml bottle. We’ll see if the Ontario market gets any larger, older, more reasonably priced bottles. I certainly hope so.

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