Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey with Dan


thisoneStranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. This is essentially an American Highland Malt – clean river water & mountain grown barley make it sound like it could come from a loch as easily¬†as a ranch.

Stranahan’s is Colorado’s first craft distiller, coming from a combination of volunteer firefighter, craft beer brewer and barn fire. Colorado in general is doing great things with distilled spirits, we’ve liked a lot of what we’ve tried. But whereas a lot of Colorado lands somewhere between a rye and a bourbon, this is very much a malted barley whiskey, reminiscent of prestige Scottish offerings. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – floral, salted caramel
Simon – apple cinnamon juice box

Dan – slightly bitter (like tea aftertaste) charred sugar, not caramel, spice
Simon – sweet burn, very loud, cedar

Dan – long & numb
Simon – long burn

Dan – sweet candied nuts with slight spicy warmth, a little cardamom
Simon – sweetened, simpler, sugar sweet with spice

free association
Dan – like pissing in the wind while filling up on manly whiskey
Simon – old leather chair outside on a porch

Dan – 8.3/10
Simon – 7.9/10

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey – 47% 750ml – $64.95 – Colorado

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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