Strait Gin 51 with Davey

IMG_5618Hey, there, Christmas gin. And hey there, loyal reader! Last week was three years of iScotch (and I forgot), thanks for sticking around!

Strait Gin 51 is from The Myriad View Artisan Distillery on Prince Edward Island. I visited the island a lot as a kid, lots of beach and Green Gables. I think I started skateboarding there, literal decades ago.

Myriad’s website may be┬ávery Web 1.0 and rambling, but it shows way more authenticity than any corporate site I’ve seen. Authentically Canadian east coast oddness, 100%. I’m glad places like this exist, because they are where the truly interesting stuff comes from. Like pulling into a commercial park and finding Stalk & Barrel.

I’m glad these guys are doing their thing. I can’t say, however, that this particular effort wasn’t… rough. Their gin is a triple-distilled vodka distilled a fourth time through their botanicals selection. But where Ungava gathers six different plants from one region, Myriad uses eleven from all over the world. There’s a cacophony to the flavour that we found overpowering; here’s the rest of what we thought:

Davey – mild crisp pine
Simon – clean, pine, berries, shine

Davey – peppery
Simon – citrus, loud alcohol pop

Davey – warm, lingering
Simon – anise, licorice

Davey – mild licorice
Simon – take a lot of tonic, still very bitter, difficult to subdue

Strait Gin 51 – 51% 750ml – $?.?? – Prince Edward Island

Try it? No. Buy it? For punch & to support Canadian distilleries.

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