Sleeman Beechwood Smoked Lager with Steve

IMG_7646thisoneOkay, so sometimes we do a review, and due to a combination of the stuff being terrible, and the photo being boring, and it sort of being a little off-topic, it sits in Drafts for… like six months. This is that kind of review.

Sleeman Beechwood Smoked Lager is really bad. I used to be a huge Sleeman fan when I was younger – a Honey Brown in the fall is great. So when I saw this sampler pack in August I thought, hey, a good chance to get back in touch with an old brand. Noop.

The Smoked Lager is why I bought the pack, thinking that the smoked connection to peaty scotches or charcoally american whiskies might make sense. But before we get to that, let me give you a head’s up on the others in this box – the Silver Creek Lager was okay, but the India Pale Ale had silt in it and tasted like a burning hop garbage fire. As for the Smoked Lager, here’s what he thought:

Steve – meat? olives. fucking olives
Simon – chili, beef stew, heavy grain

Steve – regular Sleemans dulled, hops, flat
Simon – maple honey brown, no smoke, lower carbonation, something fake tasting

Steve – <belches loudly> gross
Simon – grainy, barley, lingering flavour. the more I have the more I don’t like it

Steve – 4/10
Simon – 4/10

Sleeman’s Beechwood Smoked Lager – 5% 330ml – $11.95 – Ontario

Try it? No. Buy it? NO.

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