Saskatoon Sessions: Lucky Bastard Rye 001

Last of the Saskatoon Sessions! Sorry, publishing schedule got a little messed up when I … uh… just stopped posting for a while. Let’s just all be glad 2017 is behind us, I think that’s probably best. Live & learn. Give & grow. Or whatever.

For the last of the Saskatoon Sessions we have a Saskatoon local – Lucky Bastard Rye 001. It was pretty excellent to find a true local whisky, even if I have a few issues with their website. For one, this whisky ain’t on it. Looked and looked, no Rye 001. They also claim that Saskatoon is right smack in the middle of Canada which is not geographically correct (by a whole province) and makes me worried maybe these are “heartland” or “real Canada” people but whatever, I’m a judgemental asshole, don’t listen to me. Expect about whisky… and even then, I’ve only had a couple hundred.

Saskatoon was okay, you should go sometime.

Here’s what I thought:

nose – subtle rye, sharp alcohol

neat – sharp rye, oak, leather, salt

finish – medium long, slight bitter

splash – sharper still somehow, tongue tingles, subtle wood

overall – 6.4/10

Lucky Bastard Rye 001 – 46% 750ml – $ – Saskatchewan

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes

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