Round 2! Ardbeg 10y with Dan

IMG_20151107_184451Just a quick one this week, loyal readers! It’s been a slog of a week, verily, and while I will be enjoying a whisky in very short order, this isn’t really a “write a bunch of stuff” moment unfortch(*). Instead, this is a BuzzFeed iScotch post!

So, Round 2 for the Ardbeg 10y! We liked it the first time aroundbut you won’t believe what we thought this time! Here are our top ten or eleven or whatever flavour notes with animated gifs!:

Dan – long legs, thick and sticky, colour of beer pee

Simon – cheap apple juice

Dan – raisin & vanilla sweetness w salt smoke

Simon – barbeque next to campfire beside the sea

Dan – sweet earthy grape w salted caramel bonfire from a distance – salty & burn, smokey iodine, grass & sea breeze

Dan – long – long, slight herring

Dan – 8.1/10 – 8/10

Ardbeg 10y – 46% 750ml – $99.95 – Islay

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Yes!

(*) totes time effish abbreevs.

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