Make’r Easy with Mom, Dad & Dev – Beyond The Pale Part 4 of 3

Last week Beyond The Pale tweeted that they were releasing a Maker’s Mark cask-aged version of their Easy brew at noon on Saturday. I was out front at about quarter-to and within 5 minutes there were a dozen others.  I grabbed two bottles of Make’r Easy, but wasn’t able to get any of the original Easy Pleasey brew, so this review won’t be quite as thorough as the others.

Make’r Easy clocks in at only 3.8% but you won’t notice at all.  The beer is dark and immensely flavourful, but manages to be light and clear, not heavy and sticky like the colour would suggest.  There’s a spot on the tongue where the bourbon sits to remind you of its time in the cask, but the whole beer finishes off the tongue with no aftertaste and no bitterness. This is one of my new favourite beers.  Even my dad, who doesn’t like cask-aged beers and prefers true lagers and ales, enjoyed the sheer novelty of this beer.

Here’s what we thought:

molasses, chocolate, toffee, really beautiful flavour. woodsy, with sweetness and coffee

so much lighter than the smell or colour suggests. floral, opens very nicely. bourbon, chocolate or mocha.  remarkably light

Make’r Easy Aged English Mild Ale – 3.8% – $8.00 – Canada

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Yes! (2/3)

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