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Innis & Gunn Winter Treacle Porter


I am a huge fan of Innis & Gunn cask -aged beers (minus the rum casked ones, because rum sucks).  I came to them after developing my whisky tongue and I find that background really informs my enjoyment, so I’ve been trying to taste the entire range, as many as I can find on offer at the LCBO and SAQ.  Many a night has been lost to tallboys of the Original. I can’t seem to find the specific LCBO page for the Winter Treacle Porter – they have a Treacle Porter incorrectly listed at 8.1% at a different price.  Ah, the joys of dealing with bureaucracy just to get your liquor.

smell – burnt wood and caramels, dark fruits

taste – emphasis on the sweetness and burnt sugar elements, hints of chocolate.  high alcohol level not completely hidden.

Innis & Gunn Winter Treacle Porter – 7.4% 330ml – ?? – Scotland

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Not a summer drink but excellent for mid-winter.

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