Innis & Gunn Vanishing Point VP02 with Dan, Dad & Steph

Most completistisming going one here. We had the VP01. So therefore we must have Innis & Gunn’s Vanishing Point VP02 or how will we know.. anything? How will we know we even exist unless we experience two similar things and observe their subjective differences over linear time? I ASK YOU.

Last year’s beer was only aged 200 days. This year’s beer was aged 365 days (altho the website says 300?), a veritable 165 additional days for you sticklers out there. One hundred and sixty five more days of wood. HAS IT MADE A DIFFERENCE? Subjectively, yes. The earth still burns while we dance with brands but here’s what we thought while we drank away the pain: 

Bob – toffee, whisky
Steph – licorice
Dan – Coca-cola & church wine, nut husk bitterness
Simon – cheery coke, chocolate, bread

Bob – molasses, can taste the whisky and cask but it’s good
Steph – molasses
Dan – sweet, complicated, evolving, coffee, caramel, sweet, acid
Simon – thick, bittersweet, whisky present, chocolate marmalade whisky

Bob – very small bubbles
Steph – microbubbles
Dan – too float, roast cocoa bitterness, deep, cleaner than expected
Simon – chest warm, grain, filling

overall – share with a friend!
Bob – 7/10
Steph – 8/10
Dan – 8.9/10
Simon – 8.4/10

Innis & Gunn Vanishing Point VP02 Imperial Stout – 11% 500ml – $14.95 – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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