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Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish with Ryan

Reviews with Ryan

IMG_4945bAnother year, another Innis & Gunn Canadian edition.  This time, they haven’t tied it to Canada Day, which widens their sales window significantly. The guy at the LCBO mentioned large numbers of boxed I&G bottles left until Christmas, since people weren’t going to buy Canada Day beer from late July on.  Unless they are like me and are some kind of deranged completist. I’ve also noticed a lot of leftover Rum Finish stock which… isn’t something to celebrate but isn’t that surprising either.

Because the Rum Finish is gross, is what I’m saying.

We’ve reviewed Innis & Gunn in the past but I’ve never bothered to do any research on them before now. Since they’re known for cask aged beer, a pretty good question is, who’s casks? As it turns out, Grant’s Blended Scotch’s, that’s who (I have a family link to Grant’s that I’m working on for an upcoming post). Innis & Gunn was originally made simply as a beer for conditioning the casks before the scotch went in. The brewing family bought out the scotch family’s interest in 2008.

Simon – fruity, dark, cherry, rich, caramel, sweet, well constructed, cherry remains

Ryan – cherry, full on. better than regular I&G, really really good, cherryness.

Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish – 8.3% 330ml – $4.95 – Scotland

Try it? Yep. Buy it? Yep!

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