Harviestoun Òrach Slie Golden Ale with Dan, Matt, Brian & Al

IMG_7138thisoneHarviestoun Òrach Slie Glenfarclas Cask Aged Golden Ale – so many words. Dan & I have had a Harviestoun before, their Ola Dubh. At the time it was advertised as being aged in Highland Park barrels, but the website doesn’t mention it now. The Òrach Slie is of course the same but in Glenfarclas barrels.

We haven’t had a Glenfarclas yet, and I’m not sure that it should be judged from this beer. Extremely expensive, it doesn’t compete with other barrel-aged beers available at much lower cost. Here’s what we thought:

Matt – whiskyness, tingling
Dan – ginger, molasses, lime, chocolate
Brian – mild
Simon – very nice, light fruits, clean, absence of hops
Al – citrus

Matt – bitterness, thin ale, cask presence is impressive
Dan – lighter innis & gunn, very nice
Brian – tastes darker than it looks
Simon – thinner but sweet
Al – like a white beer, hoegarden

Matt – sour flavour
Dan – metallic bitterness
Brian – n/a
Simon – lingering sweet to bitterness
Al – n/a

overall – Difficult to justify with Innis & Gunn on the shelf.
Matt – 6 with price, 8 without
Dan – 4
Brian – 7
Simon – 6
Al – 6

Harviestoun Òrach Slie Glenfarclas Cask Aged Golden Ale – 6% 330ml – $5.95 – UK

Try it? Sure. Buy it? not with your own money

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