Glenglassaugh Peated with Dan, Ryan, Goran & Matt

IMG_9733Glenglassaugh number 2, Peated. Can you guess what the next article will be?

Not a lot to say this time out that we didn’t say in the last piece, so this will be short. This is another distilling/retail experiment by Glenglassaugh, this one using peat smoked malted barley, I assume. I can’t really tell you too much more because it looks like these were limited runs and their marketing material has already been pulled.

Dan – scotch & white rum
Simon – definite scotch, definite shine, vodka, ketchup
Ryan – sweet, pleasant, not just mash
Matt – bitter scent, cement
Goran – raw whisky, fruity, peat, weird, unpleasant, sweet potato

Dan – raw taste
Simon – smoother than expected, sweeter, cereal
Ryan – straw, haybales
Matt – big punch iodine, strong, smooth, bandaid
Goran – peat, no complexity

Dan – strong, throat burn
Simon – spiciness, interesting
Ryan – rusty, not bad, less pleasant than aged, not as bad as rye, cinnamon, stale
Matt – improved, mellower, more sweet
Goran – nothing

Glenglassaugh Peated – 50% 200ml – $31.75 – Speyside

Try it? Sure. Buy it? No.

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