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BattleScotch! Glenglassaugh’s Peated v Fledgling XB with Matt & Ryan

BattleScotch! Well, BattleMake, but that sounds like a shit fight.  You knew this was coming; we’ve BattleScotched on far less of a similarity in the past. The Peated v Fledgling XB – two experiments duke it out for some time in the cask. Here’s what we thought: smell Matt – Fledgling XB Ryan – Fledgling

Glenglassaugh Peated with Dan, Ryan, Goran & Matt

Glenglassaugh number 2, Peated. Can you guess what the next article will be? Not a lot to say this time out that we didn’t say in the last piece, so this will be short. This is another distilling/retail experiment by Glenglassaugh, this one using peat smoked malted barley, I assume. I can’t really tell you

Glenglassaugh Fledgling XB with Dan, Dave, Ryan & Matt

I know, I know. We’ve tried unaged whisky (aka new make) before, and it hasn’t gone well. Unaged whisky ends up being all of the angry yelling and none of the make up fun you get with casked spirits. This one was a pleasant surprise. Glenglassaugh is an established distillery (they have a 30y) that