Glenfarclas 12y with Dan & Bowick

Alright, the last of the Glenfarclii, the 12y. We can jump right to the notes, here’s what we thought:


Dan – old banana, salty baked bread, fresh fudge
Simon – old candies, cereal, smoked fish
Bowick – coffee, wheat

Dan – spicy & salty, fried melon
Simon – sting and spice, not much taste, just burn
Bowick – coffee, dark chocolate, dark beer

Dan – medium poop
Simon – odd burn
Bowick – light

Dan – n/a
Simon – thins, not great
Bowick – not nice

Dan – 5/10
Simon – 5/10
Bowick – 6/10

Glenfarclas 12y – 43% 50ml – $ – Highlands

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

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