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This is the second bottle from Glen Breton we’ve had; you’ll remember the 17y Ice Wine Cask finish we reviewed.  That was a little heavy handed, as I’m finding most wine-cask-aged whiskies, this one was much more enjoyable.

Glen Breton is distilled at the Glenora Inn & Distillery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  Their claim is to being North America’s first single malt distillery and while things have been kicking off on both sides of the border lately, what little research I did seems to confirm their reputation.

Here’s what we thought:

dan – fruit rind.  peat. candy cherry
simon – apple.  burnt something
goran – light, clear. coconut. cherry
ryan – irish colour, no smoke, almond extract

dan – oak, licorice light spicy, toffee
simon – oak, walnut. caramel & brine
goran – chocolate, fennel
ryan – oak, feels irish. creamy, nutty

dan – peat gone, oak to the forefront
simon – open, lightens, less bitter
goran – whiskey more than whisky
ryan – oak remains

Glen Breton 10y – 43% 750ml – $77.95 – Nova Scotia

Try it? Yes. Buy it? As a gift, but it’s not an everyday drinking whisky.

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