Elijah Craig 12y Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Dan & Alex

Another case of a splash of water making all the difference.  And it’s another case of a slightly overproofed spirit.  It’s possible that my tongue has become accustomed to the 40-43% abv range and anything over that, while fun to drink for other reasons, is simply too overpowering for a true tasting.

Anyway, Elijah Wood is a famous actor from movies like The Lord of the Rings and Sin City. Elijah Craig is a Heaven Hill Distilleries brand, a company that appears to make one of everything.  They have a vodka and a bunch of weirdly coloured liquors.  Based on the strength of this 12y, I’d be more than happy to give their other bourbon a try.

Here’s what we thought:

dan – corn, vanilla, coke, wood, spice
simon – syrup, wood
alex – vanilla, spice

dan – wood, light, smokey sweet. clove mouthfeel
simon – maple, burn, caramel
alex – spiciness, wood

dan – mellows significantly, cinnamon, clove, less corn, less burn
simon – much better! smooths right out, balanced sweet & smoke
alex – sweet much more prominent

Elijah Wood 12y Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey – 47% 750ml – $39.95 – USA

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Yes!

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