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IMG_1103bGiven the nautical theme of this particular bottle we are legally required to do this entire review in Pirate – specifically a ruckas 1700s band ‘o pirates wit’ cutlass ‘n not 2000s scary band ‘o pirates wit’ RPGs ‘n AK47s. Ahoy!, did ye be knowin’ that t’ guy who invented t’ AK47 lived t’ be 94? Still be believin’ in karma, are ye?

Cutty Sark be named after ship built in northern England, itself named after clothin’ from a Robbie Burns poem. Glenrothes be considered  th’ backbone o’ ’tis blend, which be surprisin’ but not unbelievable – Cutty Sark has a unique quality to it. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – soggy salt rum marsh, floral at end, triangular
Simon – wormwood, cheap wood
Goran – wine big time, soft fruit, oregano, round
Ryan – dry white meed, rotten apple

Dan – cinnamon, caramel, oily texture, extra sweet
Simon – oat, lots ‘o burn, not much else, oily
Goran – butterscotch in green tea, bourbon, herbal, chamomile, short finish, warm focus
Ryan – dates, irish, jameson, unique

Dan – caramel gone, prunes, savoury
Simon – mellows out, moves burn to chest
Goran – loses caramel, all chamomile
Ryan – n/a

Cutty Sark Blended Scotch – 40% 750ml – $24.95 – Scotland

Give it a go’? Nah. Buy it? Oddly, yarr. Jolly on th’ shelf.

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