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IMG_5938Heyheyhey fellow whiskynauts. I’m overnighting in beautiful Edmonton International Airport (YEG) and so a well written, hilarious, provocative or fact-checked post is just not in the works this week.

So, probably a good idea to trot out something from a brand we’ve already seen a lot of, like Canadian Club. This is the 9y, and here’s what we thought (excuse the formatting pls):

Alex – copper bottomed cook ware
Simon – brass
Davey – n/a

Alex – macaroons
Simon – hairspray, dr pepper, salt
Davey – smells like rye tastes

Alex – smooth
Simon – slick
Davey – sweet & oily

Alex – hints of what could be
Simon – not great, non-specific warmth
Davey – long lasting, subtle, chest warmth

Alex – breaks apart
Simon – very sweet, less unpleasant
Davey – completely takes bite away

Canadian Club Reserve 9y – 40% 750ml – $27.45 – Canada

Try it? Nah. Buy it? Nah.

2 Comments on “Canadian Club Reserve 9y with Davey & Alex”

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  2. There was a time when I was fond of the CC 12y. Not so much anymore. I’m not surprised that the 9y didn’t impress.

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