Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey with Dan

Another bourbon! Bulleit is a Diageo brand, allegedly based on a 150 year old recipe that includes rye and barley malt in the make.  It is not a particularly complicated drink, which leads me to believe it hasn’t been aged for any noteworthy length of time (also, the lack of age expression on the bottle would suggest this as well). The website also references a 95% rye version they launched in 2011 which might be interesting to try.

The short version is: this would be great as mix, but doesn’t quite offer enough to drink straight.

dan – alcohol, citrusy or floral perfume
simon – ethyl alcohol, caramel, warm wood, simple

dan – oak, quite a lot of burn
simon – wood, oatmeal. simplicity remains after burn

dan – not that different from neat, just less burn
simon – fruitier, lighter. less burn, easier to drink

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey (Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey) – 45% 750ml – $35.95 – USA

Try it? No. Buy it? For mix, absolutely.

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