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Baker’s 7y Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Dan & Ryan

Blended Grain
Reviews with Dan
Reviews with Ryan

IMG_6159Number three of the Beam Small Batch Bourbon Collection, Baker’s 7y doesn’t disappoint.  We’ve been pretty solidly pro for the Basil Hayden and Knob Creek, and this bottle pulls its weight on the team.

Dan – pleasant pickle, warm corn, musky, creme brule
Simon – sugar maple, sweet, warm, char
Ryan – bourbon, corn, slight burn, wood, sweet

Dan – huge burn, chem trail down throat
Simon – strange mouthfeel, syrupy, medicinal
Ryan – woody but soggy, burns throat, heats chest

Dan – spicy, corn, mild aftertaste, old dock
Simon – sherry, butter, malted chocolate, big piano
Ryan – warm, better, less noisy, dark woody bourbon

Baker’s 7y Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey – 53.5% 750ml – $54.70 – USA

Try it? Yes, with a splash. Buy it? Yes.

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