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Third Beer Of Christmas: Ashton Brewing Company Amber Ale with Dan, Ryan & Goran

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Reviews with Dan
Reviews with Goran
Reviews with Ryan

IMG_0189Thanks, Mum.

Straight from the banks of the mighty Jock River, at the confluence of Ashton Station and Flewellyn roads, Ashton Brew Pub is an Ottawa Valley stalwart, established in 1986. There’s also Patty’s Pub on Bank St in Ottawa where Ashton’s brews are available.

Not too much to say, their web presence is pretty light, so I can’t tell you specifically when their beer became more widely available. But I know Patty’s Pub is great, and so is this beer (and no box charge!). Here’s what we thought:

Dan – savoury, hops, spicy
Simon – pine, baclava, fruit
Ryan – hoppy, sweet, candy
Goran – oregano

Dan – not as hoppy as it smelled, citrus perrier mouthfeel, refreshing, not too sweet
Simon – maple, very nice
Ryan – not as hoppy as it smells, not as bitter, microcarbonation, grapefruit notes
Goran – dry, clean finish, lingering bitterness is pleasant

Ashton Brewing Company Amber Ale – 5.0% 1.89L – $12.00 – Ontario

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Yes!

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