Advent 07! Auchroisk 12y Batch 7

Advent mini bottle number seven! It’s the unpronounceable Auchroisk, and if you make that noise in the grocery store now, you’ll be asked to leave. #CovidJokes

Who are <Scottish barfing noise>? This is another Singleton member/partner/whatever, and has been called <cough noise>, The Singleton and The Singleton of <retching sound in the next apartment>.  Their own site is under the same brand banner as Talisker et al, at However, they appear to be the neglected ginger middle child as part of their website still has the Lorem Ipsum filler text. Unreal. That’s someone’s job.

The limited website only mentions one 10y expression, while this is a 12y. This whisky does appear in a lot of blends, so it would make sense their were short runs of weird ages available. Enough chatter, here’s what I thought:

nose – mash, high alcohol, grass clippings, oats

neat – cask, fresh water fish, thin

finish – burn, licorice, warmth

splash – much smoother, sweet & oily

overall 7/10

Auchroisk 12y Batch 7 Single Malt Scotch – 47.9% 30ml – ??? – Speyside

Try it? I mean, sure. Buy it? Under $50 sure but it’s not under $50.

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