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2nd Anniversary & 200th Post


iscotch 20022Nothing like a convergence of arbitrary milestones! Our second anniversary AND our two hundredth post – a testament to longevity and effort, I’m sure! How to commemorate? I guess we can go over some things we’ve learned from the last 199 collections of words we’ve posted.

1) Subjective experiences are more fun with other people. This could just be a fancy way of saying drinking alone is sad and kind of a major warning sign, but it’s more than that. Other experiencers, or “friends” if you will, validate your input, can provide a framework and feedback, context for your subjective senses, and contribute to the overall enjoyment of anything you do, really. So is the first and most noteworthy thing we learned in two years really “do stuff with friends”? Yeah, I guess so. It’s easy to become reclusive in a hobby; hobbies with other people are the antidote.

2) Writing articles is more fun when you do research. Who would have thought it: knowing what the fuck you’re talking about makes talking about it more enjoyable! I assume it also makes the reading better as well.

IMG_13313) Your friends are a limitless pool of talent that you can exploit to your own ends and asking them to help is a lot of fun. See this year’s guest posts and new tasters for proof of that.

4) List posts get more clicks than the best written analysis. See: Buzzfeed.

5) Make sure the top AND the bottom of the bottle are in the frame. Because otherwise the photo just looks weird.

Two years and it’s still a lot of fun. Big thanks to friends, family, internet strangers and botnet crawlers, you guys make it worth while. Starting in March, we’ll be rolling back to one (or so) long form article per week, but it will be the same terrible wit and spelling mistakes you’ve come to expect from New guest reviews, more in-depth BattleScotch!es and the same two to six assholes justifying their drinking problems by putting it on the internet.

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