Wild Turkey Longbranch with Davey

Quick review this week, Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon! Small batch bourbon made with weird woods!

How much do you trust the “small batch” label from a large distiller tho? I dunno. Here’s what we thought:

Davey – spicy tomato sauce
Simon – caramel pie crust, sweet corn, bbq, candy necklace candy

Davey – bourbon, warm, not much
Simon – bbq sauce, extra sweet, slight spice

Davey – sweet, delayed caramel flavours
Simon – chest warmth

Davey – more middle, still indistinct, more coherent, mellower, flavour forward
Simon – thicker, sweeter, more lingering spice

Davey – 7.75/10
Simon – 7.9/10

Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon – 43% 750ml – $59.95

Try it? Sure. Buy it? Eh.

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