White Owl Whisky with Matt & Steve

IMG_9045White Owl Whisky. Clear like shine, but apparently legally allowed to be called whisky. What?

Produced by Highwood Distillers, who also make Centennial, Century and Potters whiskies, White Owl is a blend. Rye and other grain whiskies, some up to 10 years old from what I can find online, are blended together. Regular, brown whiskies. So how do you make something aged this clear?

You strain it.

For real, apparently. If you filter the everloving hell out of brown liquor you get clear liquor. Which makes sense – all the colour is either fake additive, or the contents of decayed & burst cellulose. Either way, it’s bigger than an ethanol molecule, and so you can filter it out. I’m fascinated to know what they do with the bag of leftover brown, tho. Maybe they use it to stain decks.

They haven’t filtered it to the point of a vodka, and it does retain some of the grain flavour, but maybe that’s not for the best. Here’s what we thought:

Simon – clear
Matt – clear
Steve – clear

Simon – fruity vodka
Matt – burny, sweet, subtle maple water
Steve – rubbing alcohol

Simon – starfruit, coconut, cotton candy
Matt – fruit, rockets, compressed sugar
Steve – gin, licorice

Simon – short, mild burn
Matt – paper, light paper
Steve – burn, long

Simon – asian fruits, lychee liquor
Matt – more, still subtle fruits
Steve – same, less burny, fruit

Simon – 6.5/10
Matt – 7/10
Steve – 6/10

White Owl Whisky – 40% 750ml – $39.95 – Canada

Try it? Yes. Buy it? eh…

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