West Cork 10y Irish Whiskey with Ryan & Dan

Aw yiss a new aged Irish whiskey – West Cork 10y! A new one for us, anyway, West Cork has been around for about 15 years.

West Cork likes Bourbon casks – the entire range spends some amount of time in used American oak. Even their select sherry, rum and port special 12y expressions all start in Bourbon barrels.

This is fantastic.

Irish whiskey is typically beautiful but simple, and the darker flavours from Bourbon really add depth to an already good Irish whiskey.

Dan – vanilla, cloves, honey
Simon – apples, sweet
Ryan – copper, apple

Dan – light oak with fresh light spicy apple cidre and vanilla
Simon – apple jack, slight maple
Ryan – floral, woody, tart

Dan – medium, sweet
Simon – medium, tingle, sweet
Ryan – honey

Dan – same as neat but subdued cloves and shorter finish
Simon – thins significantly
Ryan – n/a

Dan – 8.9/10
Simon – 7.8/10
Ryan – 8/10

West Cork 10y Irish Whiskey – 40% 750ml – $59.95 – Ireland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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