Steel & Oak Flight with Devin & Baby Groot

The pride of New Westminster, Steel & Oak. And who better to enjoy it with than my brother in law Devin and my new nephew Baby Groot!

We’ve had a couple Steel & Oaks so far and enjoyed them quite a bit. This is a great local brewery making great local beers. And their tasting room is friendly and easygoing enough that Groot slept happily for our whole visit. It was a great first time out with the little guy.

I picked four beers that looked pretty good: two regulars, one specialty that Devin joined me for and one I’ve had before.  Here’s what we thought:

Royal City Ale
5% ABV / 20 IBU
smell – strawberry jam
taste – light, clean, slight fruit, vnice
finish – clean
overall – 7.4/10

Red Pilsner
5% ABV / 35 IBU
smell – very subtle, v slight hop
taste – very light, slight sweetness. Def sessionable
finish – clean, slight bitter
overall – 7.6/10

5.2% ABV / 28 IBU
Simon – slight pine
Devin – maple
Simon – bitter, slight tree nut,
Devin – slight smoke, uncomplicated, hops, maple hints
Simon – bitter lingers
Devin – bitter but clean
Simon – 7/10
Devin – 7/10

Round 2: Dark Lager
5% ABV / 27 IBU
smell – chocolate, charcoal
taste – light chocolate, thinner, refreshing for its darkness
finish – bitter lingers chocolate
overall – 8/10

If you’re in the area, head out and try some amazing beer. These guys are creative and doing some interesting things, and deserve everyone’s support.

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