Rodenbach Caractère Rouge Red-Brown Ale with Steve

Another Rodenbach – you’d think we’d learn. There’s even another one waiting in the hopper. Sour beer is gross. It’s just gross.

The Cataract Rogue is a “recognized regional product” is a flavoured Flemish red-brown ale from the Phlegm region of Belgium, home to other Belgian landmarks: Hork, Hock, and Spittle. None of those are facts. Don’t trust us, we’ll steal you wallet.

It’s further flavoured with a mulch of red berries and put through secondary fermentation. Which is probably why it tasted like cranberry vinegar. Here’s what we thought:

Steve – cranberries, cherries
Simon – red fruit jam

Steve – grlichuckvert (gross noises)
Simon – sour and sour. bright, not terrible

Steve – like a cidre, wildberry
Simon – burpy

Steve – 5/10
Simon – 5/10

Rodenbach Caractère Rouge Flemish Red-Brown Ale – 7% 500ml – $8.90 – Belgium

Try it? uh. Buy it? No…

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    Simon and Steve once again demonstrate neanderthal-like method to their review. The only thing you forgot to do was tell us what frequency rang in your skull when you tapped the bottle to your pronounced unibrow. Why bother reviewing a sour beer when right off the bat, you shamelessly posit that sour beers are gross. Your review is invalid because you haven’t given the beer a fair chance from the start. You are entitled to your own opinion – I can appreciate that you don’t have the palate for sour beers – FINE! but don’t take a dump on it because YOU don’t like it. Why don’t you find yourself a competent reviewer that can appreciate different palates and review beers fairly and that leaves you with whatever you like. Rodenbach is a solid and affordable entry point into flemish reds , and spontaneously fermented brew. but all you want to discuss is your infantile gag reflex…. go figure.
    Happy to help review the stuff you don’t care for, for the sake of fair reviewing.

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