Poit Dhubh 8y Blended Scotch with Dan, Goran, Ryan & Bowick

IMG_20131115_191336Poit Dhubh! Knowing Gaelic it’s probably pronounced ‘Greg’.

This is the 8y old bro to the  Té Bheag so there’s not too much more to add from that article.  There are two other expressions at 12 and 21 years. Hopefully that’s a good sign that Gaelic Whisky will be around for a while.

We did, however, get to test drive a new matching half dozen Canadian whisky glasses, on sale at the local booze mongers. There’s maybe some science behind how they direct the vapours, fluid dynamics or something, in the effort of getting more information to your nose. Most alcoholic beverages have specific glassware – different beers, champagne, cognac, brandy, etc. Here’s the guy behind the Glencairn glass (I have two) explaining the thinking:


Here’s what we thought:

Dan – salt water, peat, smoke, cinnamon
Ryan – floral, rosey
Goran – cherry
Simon – moonshiney, bourbon corn
Bowick – flowers, permanent marker

Dan – bitter, spice, warm mouthfeel, earthy smoke
Ryan – wood, slight smoke, mild earthy sweet
Goran – smooth, buttery, testure, spicy finish, medium linger bitterness
Simon – honey, ketchup, halls
Bowick – syrupy, permanent marker

Dan – smoke, bitters, radicio, “that’s radicchiolous”
Ryan – n/a
Goran – n/a
Simon – calms right down, better.
Bowick – n/a

Poit Dhubh 8y Blended Scotch – 43% 750ml – $53.25 – Scotland

Try it? Yes! Buy it? not necessarily.

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