Johnnie Walker Double Black with Brad, Chris & Junior

How about we start this one with the video!

Johnnie Walk Double Black is not twice as good as the regular Black Label. In fact, whatever taste Black is, it seems a lot like this has less of it. It claims to be peatier and aged in more-charred barrels or something, but that is not what we got from it. If anything it seemed a little more accessible to our novice whisky fan.

Simon – somehow smells less black, thin, apples
Brad – subtle sweet, pear & how my room smelled at 13
Chris – very faint, hint of gasoline
Junior – smells like maple, good on a fall day maybe, leaves from a maple tree

Simon – applewood but bitter, not much burn but not much flavour either
Brad – candy apple
Chris – gasoline, a bit weak, fruity, smooth
Junior – not very smooth, stings the tongue a little

Simon – bitter, hot, no chest heat
Brad – hum on the back of the tongue, lasts long
Chris – really good, delicious, warm, like a hot pie
Junior – heat in upper chest, takes a while to clear

Simon – sweeter & woodier, bigger burn but not really better
Brad – opens up the peat, took out the sweet
Chris – watered down, strong soda, fruity
Junior – smokey, much more pleasant, i feel warm

Simon – 5.5/10
Brad – 5/10
Chris – 7.5/10
Junior – 7/10

Johnnie Walker Double Black Blended Scotch – 40% 50ml – $75.75 – Scotland

Try it? No. Buy it? Nope

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