Innis & Gunn India Pale Ale with Dad

Back to the Holiday Gift Pack for the last new beer… well, new to us anyway. The Innis & Gunn IPA is also available in 6-packs, but as is well documented here, several of us aren’t hops fans. Fortunately, Dad is, so he sat in again on this review.

India Pale Ales are one of the most common (it seems) breeds of beer out there at the moment. They are not pale ales from India; they’re based on a British pale ale recipe meant for export to India during Empire days. Can’t help but wonder how much better most IPAs would be if they spent 4-6 months in oak on a boat as a standard before being consumed.

Interestingly, this is listed and available in Canada/US simply as “IPA”, whereas on the UK site, the same black & white labelled IPA with the same ABV is called “Gunnpowder IPA“, which is also listed as “craft brewed” while this is not. I wonder what the marketing/legal logic is on that.

Anyway, here’s what we thought:

Dad – smells very IPA, pleasantly lacking in other flavours
Simon – pineapple feet

Dad – doesn’t stand out, good in the mouth
Simon – regular IPA, less bitter than usual

Dad – nicely hoppy
Simon – cleanish, long bitter

Dad – 8/10 – I like it
Simon – 6/10 – not the worst IPA for sure

Innis & Gunn IPA – 5.6% 330ml – $14.60/6 – Scotland

Try it? Sure. Buy it? Nah – if you like IPAs there are better IPAs.

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