Innis & Gunn Blood Red Sky Red Beer

Here is a, well, to be perfectly honest, here is a very stale review. Almost a year since it went in the hopper. Apologies – there was just always something more interesting to write about. But thanks to The Rona and a new appreciation for things that are omfg boring, here is another iterative Innis & Gunn… iteration. The Blood Red Sky is a Rum Barrel Aged Red Beer – so take the best parts of a red beer and then wreck them with rum taste.

You know how I feel about rum; you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t alright with it.

Looking at the photo this was from a gift set which means it came out at Christmas which means this 2019 review I’m publishing in 2020 is for a 2018 beer.

Hahaha do you guys remember 2018? Do you remember that? We were like oh noes this year is terrible. ThIs Is ThE wOrSt YeAr EvEr. And then 2019 happened. And now we’re in the 4 thousandth month of 2020 and the shit is unrelenting. Seriously. Next review could be from an alien slave ship or one of those John Cusack arks for all I know.

Don’t forget to wash your hands! Wouldn’t want to have dirty hands while you choke the life from your neighbors fighting for that last delicious bottle of Innis & Gun Red Sky Blood Farts or whatever. Here’s what you’ll think:

bronze almost opaque

brass, molasses, maybe neighbour blood?

dark beer. not much. rum presents maybe in the sweetness but not flavour, some dark fruit



Innis & Gunn Blood Red Sky Rum Barrel Red Beer – 6.8% 330ml – $Neighbour – Scotland

Try it? eh. Buy it? meh.

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