Highland Park 18y with Katherine at L’ile Noire

First round at L’ile Noire, and… well, you remember how in the Highland Park 12y review I said I was saving up my pennies for the 18y?  I’m not anymore.

There’s nothing out and out wrong with the scotch, and if you weren’t familiar with the 12y you’d probably enjoy it.  But it doesn’t taste like the 6 year age difference made all that much of a… difference.  If anything, it has lost the youthful vigor of the 12y without really replacing it with anything.

Me: flowers nose, honey, soft finish

Katherine: cinnamon, spicy, sweet, caramel

The upshot is, there’s not much point in spending more money on this than the 12y.

Highland Park 18y – 43% 750ml – $139.25 – Islands

Try it? If you haven’t yet, sure. Buy it? Meh.

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    Once upon a time the 18 year was worth it… alas they just did not manage their stock and am in complete agreement that it currently is not! Especially at the going price… lots more interesting things out there.

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