Glen Breton 17y Icewine Cask with Katherine

Katherine snagged this bottle (I know, right?) on a recent trip home to the ‘Scosh (no one calls it that).  We were pretty stoked to try this – one of Canada’s only scotch-style single malts, and Katherine had tried another expression from this Distillery and quite enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, the 17y Icewine Cask doesn’t stand up.  Its overproofed at 54.6% and you can taste every percentage point.  This burns off most of the rest of the flavour notes.

Neat: Katherine – 2 different noses, gentle sniffing yields caramel & spice.  A good hoot, though, will have your nose burning unpleasantly.  Tastes painful, not much beyond the burn. Me – Honey & vanilla in the nose.  Tastes of butter, burn, then cereal, like breathing out with a mouth full of Shreddies.

With Ice: The goggles do nothing.

Resorted to a splash of water – still basically undrinkable.

Glen Breton 17y Icewine Cask – 54.6% 250ml – $45.95 – Nova Scotia

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

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