Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin with Mum & Brenna

It has been a year and two weeks since our last gin review. That’s crazy, gin is great. This is is not so much great as it is gin, but there you go.

The “gunpowder” in the name Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin refers not to explosives but to a type of green tea that’s rolled into pellets. Hamster poop tea. Oh and the website mentions “oriental botanicals” which i dunno sounds kinda bad. Another bad thing is that their website has fucking audio so while I type this another tab is playing typewriter and camera sounds for some terrible early 2000’s web reason. A further bad thing is the site mentions the goddamned jackalope aka mythical American creature aka the spokesthing for America’s Funniest Home Videos as an inspiration.

With botanicals sourced not just from the legendary Orient but from *all over the world*, it kind of logically fails to present a coherent palate. Here’s what we thought:

Gill – botanicals, very nice
Simon – very bright, simple
Brenna – smooth, mint

Gill – no gunpowder tea at all
Simon – licorice so much licorice
Brenna – mint & fennel, no booze burn

Gill – quite a lot of burn
Simon – sharp & anise
Brenna – mint

Mum – still botanical, no gunpowder
Simon – standard g&t
Brenna – v herbal, small fennel

Mum – 6/10
Simon – 6/10
Brenna – 7/10

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin – 43% 750ml – $54.95 – Ireland

Try it? Sure. Buy it? For mix.

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