Dillon’s Rose Gin Batch 11 with Dan & Alex

IMG_7254thisoneDillon’s Rose Gin, a flavoured gin liquor. We’re well out of our wheelhouse with this one. Rose gins aren’t too uncommon, and rose hips show up as one of the botanicals in a few major brands too. But in this case, the rose petals are steeped in the gin, and then the whole thing is sweetened into a liquor.


I really want to like Dillon’s: they’re a good Ontario company doing good work, creative artistic style and a flair for interesting things. I just unfortunately don’t like the way any of it tastes (their unfiltered gin was a good argument for filtering gin). I’m holding out hope for their aged rye whisky; in the meantime here’s what we thought:

Dan – lavender, rose,  juniper, sweet, ungava-like
Simon – slight mash, rose water, juniper
Alex – rose, juniper, slightly acrid

Dan – its like a ricola honey coughdrop
Simon – a little like drinking perfume, sweet anise
Alex – very sweet, almost too sweet

Dan – floral
Simon – soap
Alex – n/a

Dan – bitter & gross, vomit. tastes like bile after throwing up
Simon – nope
Alex – bitter sweetness

Dillon’s Rose Gin Batch 11 – 35% 375ml – $24.90 – Ontario

Try it? No. Buy it? No.

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