Boodles London Dry Gin with Steve

IMG_7653thisoneGin: because every once in a while you have to give your liver a break from brown liquor and take your malaria medication.

Boodles started as a brand in 1845 in London, and has been passed around various companies until its current owner, Proxima. You know them for Kraken Spiced Rum & Jose Cuervo, so you probably either really like them or really hate them. And if you hate them it’s because of one night when you ended up in the Canal & had to sleep it off on a picnic table in wet clothes.

But I still believe the university experience should be available to everyone.

Anyway, specific to this gin and explaining its differences from others, two facts: Boodles is the only gin to include nutmeg, rosemary & sage, and is the only London Dry to not include citrus. There’s the wiki info in 2 lines for you.

IMG_765022If you check their website, their marketing is hinging on a butler thing. Watch the videos, a butler composedly trudges up a mountain, through jungles, across tundra to turn to the camera and say “you called?” Someone shouts “send for Boodles” and then the tagline “proper British gin”. For a brand that was restarted in 2013, the website is clean, the spots are at least short if odd, and they make a Mulberry Gin which we should probably try. For vitamins. Here’s what we thought:

Steve – licorice, anise, alcohol
Simon – soapy, bright, fresh, pine flowers, citrus

Steve – 7up
Simon – sweet, pop, citrus, candy coating

Steve – long, lingers, a bit of extra burn off
Simon – long lingering, light bitter burn, licorice & eucalyptus

Steve – worse
Simon – centrally bittersweet, less nice

Steve – 7/10
Simon – 5.5/10

Boodles London Dry Gin – 42.5% 750ml – $29.95 – UK

Try it? Yeah, okay. Buy it? No, there are better gins. My mum would like me to add that she likes it quite a bit.

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    Not only do I “like it quite a bit” but it is one of the smoothest gins I have tasted in a long while. I do take exception to the comment that there are better gins because for the money Boodles is more than acceptable . . . and it has the best name ever!

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