Aviation Gin with Mum, Brenna & Steph

Aviation Gin, The American Gin Owned By A Canadian. So says the video spot starring & voiced by the professionally handsome recent gin brand purchaser, Ryan Reynolds:

It works because really, all any of us want is to be purchased by a celebrity.  Especially a Canadian celebrity who would send us on very polite maple syrup related missions.

The humour in the presentation is good, the gin is okay. The website talks about “summer gin” and less juniper, and that was exactly our experience with it – less aromatic, tamer. When you read that it was created by someone making cocktails that makes some sense: a more neutral gin for mixers that doesn’t quite stand up to drinking straight. Here’s what we thought:

Gill – no aromatics
Steph – rubbing alcohol
Brenna – cologne-y
Simon – very fresh juniper & orange

Gill – very tasty
Steph – green apple, granny smith
Brenna – minty orange blossom
Simon – all the pines

Gill – n/a
Steph – almond extract
Brenna – peppery
Simon – lingering burn

with tonic
Gill – very standard gin
Steph – watered down apple juice
Brenna – orange & mint
Simon – regular

Gill – 7/10
Steph – 7/10
Brenna – 7/10
Simon – 6.8/10

Aviation Gin – 42% 750ml – $36.95 – Oregon

Try it? Sure. Buy it? Sure?

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