Advent 01: Reservoir Distillery Bourbon 2y Batch 1 with Dan

Loyal readers will remember I picked up the Boutique-Whisky Company’s Whisky Holiday/Advent Calendar and posted about it just before New Year’s. Well, at 24 to get through, we figured we should get started.  You’ll see these sprinkled throughout the year as we stretch-stretch-stretch that hobby alcoholic dollar.

Reservoir Distillery out of Virginia have provided both Bottle The First of our little taster journey as well as a new entry in the Geography menu; yet another of the 50 States under our belt. The claim to fame on their bourbon is a 100% corn mash bill, if the Boutique-y offering is a version of the same whiskey. Who knows tho?

Only 2 years old and an abv of 46.6%, this was going to be noisey and odd. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – butterscotch, raisins, musty wood
Simon – vanilla, caramel, hairspray, young

Dan – dry, spicy/heat, slight sweetness at the end
Simon – sharp, not much, burnt wood, leather, swamp

Dan – woods, long
Simon – wood, chest burn

Dan – much better, sweeter with more wood & malt
Simon – better but thin

Dan – 7.5/10
Simon – 6/10

Reservoir Distillery 2y Bourbon Batch 1 – 30ml 46.6% – $ – Virginia

Try it? Yeah. Buy it? uh.. not the 2y.

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