Wiser’s Special Blend

thisThis one’s just me. Back in September I got to spend another couple of weeks in Kincardine, Ontario, right on Lake Huron. Beautiful location, not the greatest in terms of liquor selection. I grabbed this bottle of Wiser’s Special Blend at the last LCBO before the cottage along with a case of Vernor’s ginger ale. Unfortunately, I didn’t much care for either.

We’ve had Wiser’s twice before, and neither time was impressive. This whisky is not designed to be the main taste driver for whatever you’re drinking, this is definitely a “whisky and” whisky. But to be fair to Wiser’s, we stick to the cheap end of the brand, when we do bother to try. But to be fair to us, Wiser’s hasn’t really given us a reason to venture further:

Simon – deep amber

Simon – artificial smoke, hairspray, the cheapest caramel corn on the market

Simon – remarkably flavourless, lips tingle, chemical tang

Simon – just warmth, everywhere, chest, lips, throat. mouth coated

vernor’s ginger splash
Simon – not a fan of vernor’s enough to know if this is recommendable

Wiser’s Special Blend – 40% 375ml – $13.90 – Canada

Try it? Unnecessary. Buy it? Makes pretty invisible mix.

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