The Dalmore Gran Reserva with Dan & Goran

IMG_1345Folks I am me some hella tired. this review will be suffering from a lack of sleep and the concomitant neurological impairment. i appear to bee overcompensating and undercapitalizing.

Gran Reserva, also know as the second Vial of Dalmore, is a no-particular-language phrase probably meaning big reserve. Which… wouldn’t be that reserved, i guess, but i haven’t slept. I would tell you what the website says but i Can’t find this bottle anywhere on it, nor the Vial Sampler, so i guess they don’t exist and i just imagined this whole thing. That’s the only answer.

Here’s what imaginary we thought:

Dan – pecanpie sweet, milk chocolate, toffifee
Simon – simple, cocoa, toffee, apple pie or crumble crust
Goran – orange, liqueur chocolates, maple

Dan – slightly bitter, walnut, toffifee
Simon – young & crazy, settles to wooden apple peel
Goran – dark chocolate, cherry, oily

Dan – super easy & light
Simon – warmth, lingering
Goran – medium, light

Dan – really opens up the pecan flavour, toffee subsides
Simon – reminds me of famous grouse
Goran n/a

free association
Dan – ain’t givin this back
Simon – wooden coffee stir sticks
Goran – n/a

Dan – 8/10
Simon – 7.6/10
Goran – 7.8/10

The Dalmore Gran Reserva – 40% 50ml – $ – Highlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? If you can swing it.


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