Strange Fellows Reynard Oud Bruin Limited Release with Devin & Vanni

IMG_0860Express delivery from Vancouver via luggage mail – thanks Dev! Strange Fellows is a Vancouver local craft brewer trying some interesting things. This particular interesting thing is called Reynard and it’s whatever an Oud Bruin is. New type of beer!

An Oud Bruin is fermented in two or three stages, including the initial top fermentation and finishing with bottle conditioning. The name refers to the aging process for the first fermentation, up to a year in some cases – this brew spent a year in french oak. But don’t let that bend your expectations towards other aged beers we’ve had here, this is completely different. Here’s what we thought:

Devin – deep leather
Simon – golden deep brown cloudy
Vanni – looks like a spiced ale

Devin – red wine
Simon – wine
Vanni – dried fruit

Devin – unexpectedly sour, tart
Simon – very strange, light sour burst. yeast & fruit
Vanni – sour cherry

Devin – acid of sour gumballs
Simon – lingering sour tongue feeling
Vanni – prunes, fruit

free association
Devin – perfect hot summer beverage
Simon – unfiltered polish christmas beer
Vanni – morning beer

Devin – 8/10
Simon – 6/10
Vanni – 8/10

Strange Fellows Reynard Oud Bruin – 6.5% 750ml – $ – British Columbia

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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