Stalk & Barrel Red Blend At A Party

Stalk & Barrel Red Blend! Aged single malt, rye & corn whiskies blended by the lads in Concord. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new S&B, but since we did this one at Dan’s place for a party, the notes are… not great. Here goes:

nose: vanilla, floral, wood, books, sharpness, lemon & vanilla, woody floweryness, nail polish, marzipan, rare wood,

neat: cherry & spicy vanilla, slight citrus, light spice, cherry sharpness, rye bite, mint, vanilla

finish: lingering burn with a nice warmth, not too long

Stalk & Barrel Red Blend – 43% 750ml – $39.95 – Ontario

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Can’t remember.

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