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ScotchParty Review #5 – McClelland’s Highland with Dan, Ryan, Goran, Ashley, Jared & Bowick

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IMG_6710The fifth ScotchParty Review, the third McClelland’s.  This time we’re trying out their Highlands bottling. And it seems to hold up to their “reasonable scotch at a reasonable price” reputation. Here’s what we thought:

Simon – nutty, old wood
Dan – sweet, wood in burn, apricot
Ryan – peaty, sweet
Goran – nice, spongecake, cane sugar
Ashley – Jameson-y, reminds of mountains
Jared – cinnamon
Bowick – leather

Simon – peaty, lime, smoke, fire
Dan – creamy, thick, nuts, lasts in the mouth, nuts, crunch but also smooth
Ryan – not a lot going on but very smooth
Goran – soy-milk finish
Ashley – smooth but with a kick
Jared – cinnamon & plum
Bowick – mint

Simon – almost cheese tang
Dan – smoke, softwood, apricot
Ryan – n/a
Goran – n/a
Ashley – n/a
Jared – apricot & buttery
Bowick – n/a

McClelland’s Highlands – 40% 750ml – $35.05 – Highlands

Try it? Yes? Buy it? Yes

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