ScotchParty Review #2 – Four Roses Small Batch with Dan, Ashley, Ryan, Goran & Bowick

IMG_20130907_184007Review Number 2 from The Night Of Many Whiskies.  If you look closely in the photo to the left there’s a see-thru gun and a pump bottle of Purel on the table because damnit that is just how we roll.  You’d better have an invite, is all I’m saying.

Four Roses is owned by Kirin Beverages, which in turn is owned by Mitsubishi, of all things. I wonder if Yamaha makes a whisky – it would perform exactly as required at a slightly better than expected price, if their musical instruments and equipment are anything to go by.

Rambling – they (Four Roses, not Yamaha) do provide some interesting info with regard to the mash makeups for their various bourbons here. And we provide some insight into what it tastes like here:

Dan – wood, caramel
Simon – spicy, mild smoke
Ashley – light burn
Ryan – flat coke
Goran – vanilla, sharpie
Bowick – permanent marker, spice

Dan – lots of burn, vanilla, linger
Simon – sweet, like pop
Ashley – not a big impact
Ryan – burn, wet wood
Goran – spicy, smoky
Bowick – cinnamony

Dan – dry moldy wood, no vanilla
Simon – spiced, sweetness gone

Four Roses Small Batch – 45% 750ml – $38.95 – Kentucky

Try it? Yeah! Buy it? Nah!

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