ScotchParty Review #1 – The GlenDronach 12y Original with Dan, Ryan, Goran, Bowick, Ashley & Jared

IMG_6767So, we had a little get-together. Everyone brought a bottle. We did our level best to properly review all of them. Seriously, we really really tried.

A part of the BenRiach brand, GlenDronach is one of the deepest red scotches I’ve ever seen, and since we tasted this one towards the beginning of the night, I know it wasn’t just bloodshot bleary eyes. Here’s what we thought.

Simon – baking, poppy seed
Dan – wood, oak, perfume, alcohol
Ashley – very sweet
Jared – vanilla, lemons
Bowick – chocolatey popsicle
Ryan – marzipan, new car smell, very nice
Goran – banana bread, muffin, pure chocolate

Simon – vanilla
Dan – floats, feels vanilla
Ashley – so tasty, lighter than expected
Jared – unknown spice, edge
Bowick – stretchy plastic
Ryan – fruity, not over powering or much aftertaste
Goran – dry, spongecake, chocolate chip brownie

Simon – tangy, mild spice, brine but sweet
Dan – vanilla, oak, soft fruit
Ashley – slight difference, soft fruit
Jared – raisin aftertaste
Bowick – n/a
Ryan – n/a
Goran – n/a

The GlenDronach 12y Original – 43% 750ml – $59.95 – Highlands

Try it? Yes! Buy it? less resounding yes.

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