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Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine with Dan & Ryan

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First off – big thanks to my buddy Jono for bringing this back from one of his trips America-ward. I asked him to grab me some interesting American booze and he delivered.

Secondly – don’t ever drink this sober and/or neat. We did it so you don’t have to, so seriously, don’t.  We had to add a category called “tequila shakes” to this review to address the shudder that will convulse you when you try it.  The thing to remember about moonshine is that all you’re drinking is the distillate of fermented corn.  Most whiskies are casked and aged to add flavours and character to the make.  Scotch starts with the peating process to further expand the flavours. They also use grains other than corn, in various proportions.  Moonshine is about as simple as you can get in the whisk(e)y family, but simple doesn’t necessarily mean tasty. That said, it would likely disappear into a sweet punch.

dan – play-doh & alcohol
simon – rotting corn, tequila
ryan – cheese, shoe polish

dan – licorice
simon – wood, heartburn
ryan – Sharpie markers

tequila shakes (out of 10)
dan – 8
simon – 7
ryan – 6

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine – 50% 750ml – $29.95 – USA

Try it? NO! Buy it? For punch only.

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